What is the role of a structural engineer?

  • 19th April 2018

What is the role of a structural engineer?

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Have you ever thought about the massive buildings that are around us or the people behind the making of these amazing structures? All this work is done by structural engineers.

These structural engineers design, create, solve problems, innovate by the use of maths and science to form the world we live in. The structures they build from, homes, theatres, sports stadiums, bridges, and more. They work alongside other highly trained professionals such as, architects and surveyors to ensure that all the buildings can stay up whatever the weather.

Structural engineers work in offices and on construction sites. Depending on the size of their project, they may also be required to work long hours – in teams consisting of professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Structural engineers must have a strong understanding on physics, and creative problem solving. Outside of an ability to apply principles of mechanics, mathematics and physics to construct safe, sustainable buildings, the roles and responsibilities of structural engineers include:


Many structural engineers are involved in the design of the structures! This involves calculating the loads and stresses the construction will have to safely withstand. The structural engineers will be able to factor in the different qualities and strengths.


Before the work starts, structural engineers have to do an investigation and survey of build sites to see the suitability of the earth for the requirements of the upcoming project.


Structural engineers will be required to consult with other members on their projects, including engineers, scientists and architects.


Structural engineers are responsible for the organisation and delivery of materials and equipment for the needs of the construction project.


There are many safety issues involved in their work so structural engineers must be trained to strict standards. They require a related undergraduate degree in an engineering discipline. After graduation, structural engineers work towards professional qualifications.

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