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How are buildings and the construction industry changing in response to climate change?
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The levels of atmospheric CO2 are rising year on year and climate change couldn’t be further at the front of people’s minds. With the sheer scale and use of resources in the construction industry, there lies a responsibility to be more and more efficient with how they are used. At Zussman Bear, we are always…

What are the most sustainable building materials?
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As time goes on the focus and need for sustainable materials in the building and structural engineering world grows. The responsibility lies with everyone who is in the trade and so we’ve identified four sustainable building materials that can be used in the future. Solar Tiles are a great alternative to the traditional concrete or…

Recent trends in structural engineering
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The world is and has always been constantly changing and growing around us. No other group of people feels the impact going on around us more severely than structural engineers. Structural engineers are always having to tackle how to shape our lives and the structures that shelter us in order to meet the demands of…

What is the role of a structural engineer?
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Have you ever thought about the massive buildings that are around us or the people behind the making of these amazing structures? All this work is done by structural engineers. These structural engineers design, create, solve problems, innovate by the use of maths and science to form the world we live in. The structures they…

What is the future of structural engineering?
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The structural engineering industry is being hit by many different changes at the moment but if you are just starting out in the industry or their career journey then they can look forward to a very exciting future of developments. Structural engineering is one of the main parts of the construction industry. Without the qualified…

Platinum House
3 ways that structural engineers can help create a zero waste future
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Rethinking production and the life cycle Despite much progression and plenty of effort, there is still a very big problem among the construction industry – excessive waste. The overriding problem with waste in construction is the maintenance and asset management of buildings, with limited data available in order to monitor the building’s condition. When a…

Waldegrave Road
Five reasons to be a structural engineer
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Our ideas and plans become real Structural engineers enjoy the success and sense of achievement that come with finishing a project we have been working on. These projects can range from, skyscrapers, bridges or houses. The skills possessed by a structural engineer are vital during the design stage of any plan in order to bring…