New trends in construction and building

New trends in construction and building

  • 25th September 2018

New trends in construction and building

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The commercial building industry has experienced a lot of growth in the recent years. Its transformation is mainly from the technological advancement and improvements in the project management techniques.

It is hard to predict the future of the built environment but there are many standout trends to watch in the years to come.

The following trends are some of the most profound commercial building trends that project managers should look forward to this year…

Project management software

Real-time project management is improving and optimizing the fundamental pillars of a construction project. It’s contribution to the building process is critical, as it enables data drive decision making in an industry where 95% of data are thrown away or not collected at all.

Building information modelling

This considers the most important thing in a construction project. Collaboration. More contractors are implementing BIM technology in their work processes.


Robotics are always gaining ground in construction projects. The use of robots, during the building process, can accelerate repetitive tasks on site. Robotics have still got a long way to go but in the future, it is expected to introduce a cheaper and more efficient way to work on site.

VR and AR

Virtual reality can provide a virtual walk through in order to sell property and pitch architectural ideas to clients. In construction this can be used to provide safety training to workers.


Drone technology can be used in mapping and planning the construction site, reporting project changes and to update clients on the job site.

Modular construction

Modular buildings are the development of a building structure off-site, and then transporting it to the site without compromising on quality.

As you can see there is a lot of excitement for the construction and building industry! We will see a lot of progress in the next year in both these sectors. Keep an eye out and see where the industry is next year.

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