The future of architecture…

The future of architecture…

  • 30th August 2018

The future of architecture…

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Architecture is an ever-changing industry and can be shaped by the modern world in an instant, it’s often a hard thing to predict.

With new designs and materials coming all the time, it’s a trade that always stays exciting while transforming the cities around you.

The last few years have seen dramatic changes to the construction world, special concepts are growing out of fashion, while crowd-funding and collaborative approaches to design has seen a wider eye cast on renewable materials and energy efficiency.

This is a pivotal movement for the industry as the world looks at the effects of climate change more, it is up to the industry to become more savvy in how it embraces renewable sources.

Another exciting trend that we may se immerse itself in the construction industry is virtual reality. Imagine being able to walk through a design of a building and see exactly how it would look like before the foundations had even been laid. Virtual reality and 3D design would be a great asset in the architecture business in being able to build exactly what clients want and them being able to experience it beforehand.

Smart cities are becoming closer and closer with data collection becoming a vital part in modern life, something that architecture and design will have no choice but to embrace in the future.

Soon we will be able to monitor everything from sensors around the city will allow us to monitor energy consumption along with a whole host of data that we can use to improve construction in the future.

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